Summer Fun takes a toll on your hair’s health!

Looking good for all your Summer activities can be easy, if you had some tips from Denise Hewitt “Healthy Hair Specialist”.  If your checklist for fun includes Pool time, chlorine can wreck your hair.  Chlorine is great for the pool but no joke to causing damage to the condition of your natural or colored, texture, and steals natural oils or elements necessary that condition your hair to being beautiful.  It causes dry brittle looking hair and like a thief goes right for the keratin as well.  There are great products that can prevent serious damage or we can roll back decades and go with the good old bathing cap, but really not too many are keen on that (and where would you find one anyway, right). Start by wetting your hair first with tap water or shower, coat your hair with good keratin moisturizing leave in condition and there are some excellent shampoo’s that carry natural elements for moisturizing and strengthening your hair.  I have many success stories from my 100’s of clients after consulting or providing quality products from our superior hair care line.

Another thing on your Summer checklist might be “Hit the beach”… But we haven’t even discussed, too much of a good thing can be REALLY Bad!!  Like vitamin D for instance and might be a culprit for thinning hair or sometimes excessive hair loss have occurred to some.  Now take into consideration Salt from the Ocean also a serious thief for stealing the natural oils as well.  It is just as damaging as the bacteria killer “Chlorine aka Bleach”.  And definitely shower off as soon as possible when your fun time at the beach.  I am very passionate about sharing hair care tips and consulting all about hair.  Call me any time to go over your healthy hair goals so we can schedule a good time to start today!

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